3 Important Lessons: Camping the Coast of California

With minimal money, two dogs and a tent, we were able to make it up the coast of California -- camping the entire way, even staying in a family member's backyard in LA. Below are some tips that we learned through trial and error and ballin’ on a budget!

  1. Stop and Smell the Roses

    Although we spent weeks planning our itinerary, our trip changed unexpectedly more than once. Luckily, we didn't have any vehicle issues or emergencies, but the dogs and I got very road-weary. So, we cancelled our stay in Sacramento and stayed in Monterey a second night..It was nice to just stay put for more than 24 hours and we were able to enjoy the area at a much more relaxed pace.

    One of the key take-aways from this trip was that planning too much in too little time is not ideal. Take in each destination fully. See as much as you can and learn about the history. Beautiful places should be more than just a pit stop. If you’re always heading to the next place, you will never truly arrive to your destination.

    2. Bring a REAL Map

    My parents warned us to have a road atlas, but we swore by our trusty iPhones. Unfortunately, phones die and sitting in the car waiting for a decent charge for a hike is a pain. We also got lost on our way into the N. California mountains because the campsite address was listed incorrectly online and then we ran out of service and GPS en route.

    Just get a map, you dang millennial.

    3. Always have Survival Essentials

    No matter if we are going for an hour hike or a week long camping adventure, we always ensure to have the following:

    • Water

    • Knife

    • Matches and “fuel” (i.e. tissues)

    • Snacks

    Want to know more about how we planned our trip, where we stayed, or how we budgeted our funds? Leave a comment below!