Trek Nectar

Traveling without limitations or borders. Cultivating a healthy lifestyle through exercise, exploration and epic endeavors. Promoting cultural awareness, language appreciation and religious compassion. Trekking the globe in the pursuit of fearless feats, authentic conversations and soulful experiences.


Travel Mats Coming Soon!

Follow the Trek Nectar Instagram page to see a sneak peak behind the upcoming Yoga mat release.

You can also follow the personal page of the Trek Nectar owner, @jameeswole_treks


Mรฉxico Vlog

Check out Part I & II of our 10 day trip through Quintana Roo, Mรฉxico. Part III coming next week!

Stay tuned for an Isla Mujeres vs Cozumel blog post.


Pink Pangea Interview

Check out the Pink Pangea interview of Trek Nectar author, Jamee about traveling, trekking and military service.