Eco-Friendly Long Travel Mat: Solar Power Sunrise

Eco-Friendly Long Travel Mat: Solar Power Sunrise


100% Natural Rubber Bottom + Printed Microfiber Top

  • Eco-friendly and Biodegradable

  • Free from PVC, Silicone, Latex, and Phthalates

  • Includes Carrying Strap

  • Machine washable

  • Each purchase of this mat will donate to Kopernik

    About Kopernik:

    We are finding what works to reduce poverty by experimenting with potential solutions that address common challenges facing people living in the last mile.

    We are lean and cost-effective, striving to minimize unnecessary bureaucracy and leverage our strong partnerships to find the most practical and effective solutions possible.

    Our namesake, Nicolaus Copernicus, changed the way people see the world. Kopernik was founded on that same principle, seeking to challenge the status quo in the development sector and to find smarter, more effective solutions that solve persistent problems faced by those living in last mile communities.

    With more innovation in the development sector and experimentation of solutions to solve development problems, better programs can be developed and budgets allocated to impactful programs that have big potential to reduce poverty. We are therefore proactive in the testing of ideas that can benefit the larger development community.

    At our core we want to find what works and what doesn’t to reduce poverty.

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The first time you use your eco-friendly mat, spray it lightly with water as you may feel a little slippery on first contact with dry hands and feet. Perfect for outdoor use or hot yoga. ;) Bare feet or shoes suggested to prevent slipping. The more you use the mat the better it will get. You will never want to use another mat.

1. Can be washed by machine or with soapy cloth. 
2. To preserve beautiful mat shape and color, hanging to dry is recommended. 
3. Machine wash with like colors in cold water and tumble dry low for quick and easy clean up.