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Trek Nectar Eco-Friendly Travel Mats are:

  • 100% Natural Rubber

  • Machine Washable

  • Free of Latex, Phthalates, and Silicone

  • Eco-Water Based inks

  • Suede Microfiber

Each purchase contributes to philanthropic organizations such as:

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“I know people say all the time “fitness is a lifestyle”. I believe in this, but at the same time, this phrase is usually used in the context of Western life, where making fitness a lifestyle is trendy, fun, and relatively easy. I wouldn’t say I made an entire lifestyle change, but I did make an almost-complete one. Fitness is no longer my life, but part of it.

As an avid gym-goer and fitness enthusiast, I have faced many obstacles trying to stay fit in foreign countries. From the Middle East to Africa to South America, I have found ways of exercising without losing exploration time.

“I want to travel for a living. Yet, I don’t want to travel the way “travel influencers” make it look on Instagram. I don’t want to take the same ol’, done-a-thousand-times-over, fedora hat and curled hair, looking out over the scenic-city selfie."

I knew I would be fine, but eventually, the hyper-focus on safety, instead of “Study hard!” or “Take lots of pictures!” began to take its toll on my paranoia. I mentally prepared myself for any situation. I knew I would be stared at and cat called for being a foreign female and potentially experience sexual harassment. I wasn’t afraid, but deep down the impromptu self-defense lessons started to make me fearful of assault. 

With minimal money, two dogs and a tent, we were able to make it up the coast of California -- camping the entire way, even staying in a family member's backyard in LA. Below are some tips that we learned through trial and error and ballin’ on a budget!